Power to Gas / Hydrogen

Power to Gas - Enabling integration of renewables into Europe's energy system

The concept of Power to Gas is receiving increasing interest in Europe with a number of demonstrations of the technology taking place. GERG and its members are actively involved in positioning Power to Gas as a key element of the European Integrated Roadmap for the future. The gas network is already there, its capacity is huge, and its potential for playing a major role in our low carbon future is clear. 

The GERG Hydrogen Project and HIPS-NET

The GERG Hydrogen Project (HIPS) The Paper - To purchase the full report contact the Secretariat

HIPS-NET Presentation

HIPS-NET Invitiation

The North Sea Power to Gas Platform

North Sea Power to Gas

Burning of natural gas / hydrogen mixtures in DLE gas turbines

Turbine Workshop / Expert meeting

EU Turbines Presentation

DLN Turbines

Other GERG Presentations