Conference Papers - 2006

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 2nd Asian Pipeline Conference, Kuala Lumpur

 "Pipeline research in Europe - key programmes and priorities"
(invited paper)
D. Pinchbeck, GERG

Nov 2006
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21st International Scientific Meeting of Gas Experts, Opatija, Croatia

"Collaborative Gas Sector Research and Innovation in Greater Europe"
(invited paper)
D. Pinchbeck, GERG

May 2006
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GERG session on 'New and future technologies', European Forum Gas, Berlin

"General Calculation programme for GERG reference equation"
M. Jaeschke, E.ON Ruhrgas

"BONGO - Biogas in natural gas operations"
M. van Burgel, Gasunie Engineering & Technology

"LABNET - Network for solving measurement problems
on domestic appliances"
J. Schweitzer, Danish Gas Technology Centre

"Multipath ultrasonic meter: Phase III"
B. Delenne, Gaz de France

Apr 2006
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23rd World Gas Conference, Amsterdam

"Biogas and Others in Natural Gas Operations (BONGO)
- a project under development"
M. van Burgel, O. Florisson, D. Pinchbeck

"GERG - The European Gas Research Group,
a Model for Collaborative Gas Sector R&D"
E. Van Ingelghem, D. Pinchbeck

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