Conference Papers - 2004

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International Gas Research Conference, Vancouver

Nov 2004    

A practical step towards "hydrogen": the conditions under which the existing natural gas system can be used for mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas (the NATURALHY project)
Onno Florisson and Rolinda Huizing, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, The Netherlands


Acoustics in Pressure Regulating Stations (PRS): setup of a software computing both generated and propagated noise in a PRS
P. Grenouilleau, O. Pisani, L. Mode, Gaz de France, France, C. Paturet, Metravib RDS, France


The European GIGA project
Guido Manacorda IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA, Pisa, Italy, Dave Pinchbeck, GERG, The European Gas Research Group, Brussels, Belgium, Jean-Pierre Capdevielle, Gaz de France Paris, France Howard Scott, OSYS Technology Limited, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Meinolf Remeil, Tracto-Technik Spezialmaschinen (TT Group), Lennestadt, Germany


Implementation of optical technologies for portable gas leak detection
Russ Pride, Jane Hodgkinson, Advantica Ltd, Loughborough, UK, Miles Padget, Ben Van Well, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK, Rainer Strzoda, Siemens CT, Munich, Germany, Stuart Murray, AOS Technology Ltd, Leicestershire, UK, Sven-Åke Ljungberg, University of Gavle, Sweden


TPI detection on pipeline route by using existing fibre optic cables
G. Re and A. Colombo, Snam Rete Gas, Italy


The PRESENSE and PIPEMON projects
Werner Zirnig, E.ON Ruhrgas Aktiengesellschaft, Germany Russ Pride Advantica Ltd, United Kingdom, Iris Lingenfelder, Definiens Imaging GmbH, Germany, Richard Chiles, Nigel Press Associates, United Kingdom, Dieter Hausamann, German Aerospace Centre DLR, Germany


Helicopter-borne laser methane detection system
Werner Zirnig, E.ON Ruhrgas AG, Germany, Matthias Ulbricht, Adlares GmbH, Germany, Andreas Fix and Hans Klingenberg, German Aerospace Center DLR, Germany


North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop,
St. Andrews, Scotland

Oct 2004    

Evaluation of Flow Conditioners - Ultrasonic Meters Combinations
B. Delenne, Gaz de France, et al