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GERG Membership

GERG Membership

Membership of GERG is open to organisations headquartered in Europe which commission significant R&D for their own benefit and whose principal activities relate to the exploration, 
production, supply, or transportation of gas or the provision, installation or maintenance of gas combustion equipment.

Application for membership shall be sent in written form to the GERG Secretariat for submission to the Board.  Decisions on admissions shall be taken by the Members by a majority of two thirds of the Members present. 

All Members have equal status and will be represented in the Board.

The membership fee is currently €14600 per annum (2017), review annualy by the GERG Board

Friends of GERG

GERG, the European Gas Research Group, has launched a new category of membership known as the 'Friends of GERG' (FOGs) for organisations that cannot become full Members of GERG such as, for example, manufacturers, non-gas company R&D laboratories, universities, consultants, organisations from outside Europe etc.

FOGs will pay a minimal fee and:

  • can become partners in GERG projects;
  • can be present at Programme Committee (PC) meetings, and can propose project ideas.

FOGs will receive:

  • edited notes from GERG Board meetings, and PC meetings;
  • monthly GERG Highlights documents;

FOGs will, of course, be invited to take part in the GERG Academic Network Event.

The annual charge for universities is €1k and for commercial organisations, such as manufacturers, non-gas company R&D laboratories, consultants, etc. the charge is €5k.

If you are interested, please contact the Secretary General, Robert Judd:

T +32 2 230 80 17
M +32 475 802 922