Building on experience for a greener future

The European Gas Research Group


GERG, the European Gas Research Group, was founded in 1961 to strengthen the Gas Industry within the European Community by promoting effective, gas-related R&D. Membership reflects natural gas R&D activity across Europe and GERG members are actively conducting natural gas research and technical development within the European Community.

GERG members serve a European Gas Industry which has the responsibility of supplying some 80 million domestic, commercial, industrial and power station gas customers.

GERG members have developed a large European reservoir of specialist knowledge, and currently support a high quality research resource, numbering in excess of 2000 staff.

GERG priorities are technical information exchange and collaborative R&D, with projects carried out by dedicated, multi-disciplinary Project Teams, which can include academics, manufacturers and other non-member organisations.

Technology for a Sustainable Future

European and global energy systems are in a state of transformation as they look to meet the challenges of a low carbon future while maintaining competitiveness and energy security.

The gas industry must work alongside other players in the energy sector to meet these challenges which include:

- The need to reduce emissions for the energy sector, whether for electricity production, heat or transport.

- The need to actively work alongside renewables to increase the efficiency of our low carbon energy supply

GERG through its collaborative approach to technology development at the heart of Europe's energy industry, is making a vital contribution to meeting these challenges.