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  • Robert Judd
Robert Judd
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    Robert Judd gained BSc (1st Class Hons, Chemistry and Physics) and a PhD (Surface Science and Catalysis) from London University and was a Research Fellow at Cambridge University Chemical Laboratories before joining the Research arm of the British Gas Industry over twenty years ago. In the intervening period he has maintained a strong focus on innovation, across a wide range of gas and energy technologies. His interests have ranged from gas processing and gas storage through to utilisation and fuel cells. In the last decade, the role that gas can play alongside renewable and other new technologies to transform the energy system for a low carbon future has been central to his work.

    He has developed and managed large multi-centred projects, been responsible for parts of the innovation portfolio at British Gas and its successors, and has managed a team of scientists and engineers developing new energy and gas technologies, working in both Europe and the Far East. As a Principal Consultant in Advantica and the GL Group he has also delivered technical, strategic and commercial consultancy for a range of international clients.

    In July 2012 he took on the role of Secretary General for the European Gas Research Group, which will involve developing collaborative R&I projects for the European Gas Industry and helping the members prioritise innovation requirements in a continuously evolving energy landscape.