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The European Gas Research Group, GERG, along with its member organisations work with the European energy community to develop innovative solutions which place our gas infrastructure at the heart of the energy system, now and in the future.

European and global energy systems are in a state of transformation as they look to meet the challenges of a low carbon future while maintaining competitiveness and energy security.

The gas industry must work alongside other players in the energy sector to meet these challenges which include:

- The need to reduce emissions for the energy sector, whether for electricity production, heat or transport.

- The need to actively work alongside renewables to increase the efficiency of our low carbon energy supply

We are working to ensure that Europe's energy transformation will keep Europe competitive and energy secure while providing the lowest cost road to a sustainable future.

GERG Board



The GERG Board is chaired by the President of GERG and is responsible both for the direction of GERG activities and ensuring that GERG is recognised for excellence in efficient and effective collaborative gas R&D. The GERG Board meets twice per year.


  • Mures Zarea
    Engie France
GERG President, Mures Zarea

Vice Presidents


Bérénice Crabs Synergrid, Belgium
Rosłonek Grzegorz PGNiG, Poland
Werner Wessing E.ON, Germany


The Secretary General is responsible for management of all GERG activities and is accountable to the GERG Board in developing and executing the GERG Research and Innovation Strategy; Within Brussels he develops liaison with Eurogas, Marcogaz, GasNaturally and other external organisations, in particular those of the European Union.

The GERG Secretariat is active in making the case for gas research with the appropriate organisations of the EU, maintaining links to other gas organisations worldwide and developing an R&D portfolio which recognises the importance of gas at the heart of Europe's Energy Future.

  • Secretary General
    Dr Robert Judd
Robert Judd


 The European Gas Research Group represents 24 members from 10 countries across Europe.


Gerg is also partnered with institutions across Europe that represent the Friends of GERG: